Network Cabling

Network CablingNetwork Cabling

Network Cabling for voice and data is the backbone to a solid and reliable network infrastructure, but often the computer network is an after thought and not installed by quality technicians and not up to the industry standards. 

Data-Tel Services is different!  We believe in a strong certified structured cabling network to insure all other services will meet their desired specifications. 

We not only install voice and data network cabling infrastructures but we will also install the cabling to meet or exceed all the industry related standards. 

Whether your office requires Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7, Fiber Optics or even Coax for security cameras, Data-Tel Services is there to insure your cabling network is rock solid! 

We test and certify all of our installed data cabling using a Fluke DTX 1800 network certifier.

With so many options now available in network cabling you may ask “what is the best type of cabling for our business”?  Data-Tel is here to take the guess work out and help you choose the right network cabling infrastructure for your business. 

We will provide a full assessment of your current network needs for now and in the future so the data cabling will be certain to last and give you the high speeds needed for today’s bandwidth intensive programs and internet solutions.